Are You Willing To Travel For A Photo Shoot?

The short answer is – it depends. Of course, we need to factor into our decision issues like how far is the location from our studio or if there are prior commitments we might have made that would prevent us from traveling very far from our studio on a given day.

Of course, we are not saying that we won’t travel for a photo shoot. Just give an email and describe the location a bit as well as the schedule and we’ll see if we can figure something out.


Do You Also Offer Video Services?

At the moment, we only handle photo shoots. But of course, our services are consistently evolving, and it is highly likely that we will also offer videography in the future.


Do You Edit Your Photos?

Yes, we do. But we will also honor your input on just how extensive or light the editing on the photo you would prefer. We can just edit the lighting a little to enhance the natural beauty of a shot, or we could do a more creative editing job. Yes, we’re very talented with Photoshop and other tools.


Will You Include Our Wedding Photos In Your Online Gallery?

We would be happy to include your photos in our online gallery. It shows just how proud we are of the quality of our work. However, we also understand it if you would prefer to keep your photos private.


How Long Will It Take For the Pictures To Become Available?

Usually, photos are already available within six weeks after the photo shoot. So you need to keep this in mind if you wish to display the picture during your wedding reception. Book our services six weeks earlier.


Can We Have The Unedited Version?

We have been asked that question a lot of time before. And the final answer is no; we do not give out the unedited version of the photos. You pay us for making your shots as beautiful as possible, so it’s just like giving out a half-finished product. We just can’t do that.