Be Mindful Of These Hidden Costs On Your Wedding

So you’ve finally figured it all out to the last detail and came up with a wedding budget plan covering all the expenses for the big day. You’ve even decided on who foots the bill or how much each partner will have to shell out to cover even the minor details. But if you’re not careful enough, there are hidden costs in weddings that might surprise you in the end. Even if you had taken advantage of the discount offers like promotion code for ctrip for chinese new year, there are some other expenses you have to pay on your travel.



Let’s talk about food. Some caterers might not have all the food you want for your dream wedding, if you are planning to buy food from other food suppliers, some venues could ask you to pay an extra dime for it since you bought it outside. Also, the fee is not only limited to food. Bringing in extra alcoholic drinks for that added buzz is also going to cost you extra as well.


Caterers Could Charge Extras

caterYou might feel like a royalty when caterers are there to serve your demands, passionately. But remember, they are there to make a profit. This means that asking beyond their ordinary service is likely to cost you as well.

These extra services could come in the form of buffet tables and set-up, additional VIP seats, extra decor on tablescapes, additional ice and glass for bar service as well as additional waiters. Remember to keep that in mind in case you might want for something extra.


Time Is Up

caterboothIf you overstay on your venue, the venue operator might be willing to give you that extra hour or two. But remember, it won’t be free. You don’t have to worry on overstaying on your venue. If you know how to use agoda discount code where to enter a code would lessen the prices.

Overtime charges include the caterers, photo booths, venue, food carts, videographers, photographers, and caterers. While you may be having an extra good time with that over time, remember it’s going to drain your wallet as well.

If you plan to organize your own wedding, you can shop online using discounts. Since you can practically find anything you will ever need in online shops, you can save money on your wedding by using online shops voucher codes to pay for the items. These online shops use a free premium link generator to get more traffic to their website which results to having millions of visitors.